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Under a Vampire Moon(Argeneau 16)

�Lynsay Sands writes books that keep readers coming back for more.��Katie MacAlister, USA Today bestselling author of Sex, Lies, and VampiresLynsay Sands, the nationally bestselling author of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series, is one of the superstars of paranormal romance. Her latest Argeneau novel, Under a Vampire Moon, features a recently single, romantically-war

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Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Bend, Mississippi, Becky Lynn Lee doesnt have the luxury of dreaming. With an abusive father and a broken mother, she always thought that this was it. But after the ultimate betrayal, Becky Lynn can no longer live the nightmare.Determined never to go back, Becky Lynn escapes to Hollywood. As a photographers assistant, she di

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I Fell in Love with a Zombie

Jay didnt expect to be one of the very few survivors of the virus that decimated the country, leaving shambling, ravenous zombies behind. Fighting for his life amongst the dead, he keeps moving until the day hes surrounded and facing his bloody end-and shockingly, another zombie saves him. But not just any zombie... its Dave, the first man Jay ever loved, and theres so

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Peters Christmas(The Night Stalkers 6)

NAME: Kim-Ly Genevieve Beauchamp JOB: UNESCO World Heritage Chief of Unit for Southeast Asia MISSION: To protect a Cambodian temple NAME: Peter Matthews JOB: President of the United States of America MISSION: Stability in Southeast Asia They met at the United Nations, two people from different worlds. Peter Matthews, D.C. born and bred. Since the tragic death of his wife t

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As soon as Octavia caught a glimpse of Jeremy in the nightclub, she knew she just had to have him. It didnt matter that hed just got engaged to an old school friend of hers, plump, good natured Gussie; he was looking at Octavia in the way that suggested bed rather than breakfast, and she was weak at the knees... But Octavia was used to men falling in love with her at a m

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Sensual Surrender(The Serafina: Sin City 2)

I�m ready to move on. Please don�t search for me. Please just let me go.~EllieThe note on the kitchen table shatters Jay Wentworth�s world into bits. Ellie is his lover, his soulmate, his best friend�she�s the woman who stood by him through the aftermath of a horrible explosion, the woman he�s planning to propose to. He�d do anything for her�except let her go. With his fie

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Visible Friend

Christopher Borgasian has spent the last seven months painstakingly breaking up with a lover hes adored for three years: heroin. Now hes trying to make it on his own-without the drugs, without the family that rejected him for being gay, and, seemingly, without a friend in the world.The night before Chris leaves a sober-living facility to pursue his uncertain future, a st

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El hombre que susurraba a los caballos

His name is Tom Booker. His voice can calm wild horses, his touch can heal broken spirits. And Annie Graves has traveled across a continent to the Booker ranch in Montana, desperate to heal her injured daughter, the girls savage horse, and her own wounded heart. She comes for hope. She comes for her child. And beneath the wide Montana sky, she comes to him for what no one

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Rumor Has It (Harlequin Blaze 118 )

Ten years -- thats how long Taylor Reed has been starring in theX-rated rumors that sizzle nonstop through Cedar Creeks grapevine. What she hasnt done with Dylan Gates just isnt worth talking about -- so the stories go. Now shes ready to leave the small town and its even smaller minds, but first shes going to give the gossips something hotto talk about. For once the

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A Unique Kind of Love

Lena Rose Winter is a typical seventeen year old girl, or so everyone thought. She has a secret, something she hates talking about. She knew what love is, and she dreads it especially after losing someone close to her heart.Liam Christopher Black is far from your typical bad boy. Hes a good guy, the one who sits at the back of the class, not making any sound. They say tha

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