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The Beggars Opera To Which Is Added The Music To Each Song

The Beggars Opera introduced to theater the ballad-opera and an immortal cast of characters. The Peachums, employers of a company of pickpockets, shoplifters, and thieves, raised their daughter Polly for finer things, but she has done a dreadful deed. She has married for love. Her husband is Macheath, so exquisite a robber he might have been a lawyer or lord, and so devot

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A peca de Heinrich von Kleist e considerada a obra-prima do teatro romantico. Em jogo esta o cruzamento do amor e da violencia protagonizados no encontro entre as amazonas e o exercito helenico que combate em Troia.

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The Collected Plays, Vol. 1: We Wont Pay! We Wont Pay! and Other Works

Winner of the Nobel Prize for LiteratureIn the words of his translator, Ron Jenkins: The Nobel committees decision to honor Fo as a master of literature is a historic tribute to the theatre, which is still viewed by many as literatures bastard child; it is also the first time that the Nobel for the literary arts has been awarded to an actor. This courageous and controve

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For the first time, in this splendidly illustrated book, an English translation recreates the audacity, romance, and poetry of one of the strangest and most beautiful works of Western literature--the passionate verse drama of Achilles and Penthesilea, queen of the Amazons. 12 color illustrations.

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Speed-the-Plows Broadway run is the most recent triumph of the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors astonishingly productive career. By turns hilarious and chilling....the culmination of this playwrights work to date....Riveting theater.-Frank Rich, New York Times; A brilliant black comedy, a dazzling dissection of Hollywood cupidity and another tone poem by our foremost m

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Lysistrata (Thrift Edition)

First presented in 411 B.C., this ancient comedy concerns the efforts of Lysistrata, an Athenian woman, to persuade other woman to join together in a strike against the men of Greece, denying them sex until theyve agreed to put down their arms and end the disastrous wars between Athens and Sparta.When the strike begins, and the men respond, the comedic battle of the sexes

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Medea(Das goldene Vlie? 3)

Franz Grillparzer (1791-1872) war ein osterreichischer Schriftsteller, der vor allem als Dramatiker hervorgetreten ist. Grillparzer studierte an der Universitat Wien Rechtswissenschaften. Ab 1821 arbeitete er im Finanzministerium, danach als Archivdirektor bei der kaiserlich-koniglichen Hofkammer. Grillparzers poetische Anfange wurden von der Romantik beeinflusst. 1817 wur

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Measure for Measure

When Claudio breaks the new laws against vice in Vienna by getting his financee, Julietta, pregnant, a series of ethical issues is brought under scrutiny. His sisters virtue is held to ransom by the deputy rule of the city until justice is done, mercy shown, and order restored. This is among Shakespeares most vivid dramatic projections of moral duplicity. The introductio

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The Beggars Opera

The tale of Peachum, thief-taker and informer, conspiring to send the dashing and promiscuous highwayman Macheath to the gallows, became the theatrical sensation of the eighteenth century.In THE BEGGARS OPERA, John Gay turned conventions of Italian opera riotously upside-down, instead using traditional popular ballads and street tunes, while also indulging in political s

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One of Bernard Shaw�s most glittering comedies, Arms and the Man is a burlesque of Victorian attitudes to heroism, war and empire. In the contrast between Bluntschli, the mercenary soldier, and the brave leader, Sergius, the true nature of valour is revealed. Shaw mocks deluded idealism in Candida, when a young poet becomes infatuated with the wife of a Socialist preacher.

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