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Star Wars Special: C-3PO 1 (Star Wars(Star Wars Disney Canon Graphic Novel)

Follow everyones favorite protocol droid as he journeys to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in this special one-shot leading up to his appearance in the film! Just how did Threepio get a red arm, anyway? Find out here as the blockbuster creative team of James Robinson and Tony Harris reunite for the first time in nearly two decades! You may be fluent in over six million form

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Star Wars: Episodio IV Una nuova speranza(Star Wars: Novelizations 4)

Luke Skywalker challenged the stormtroopers of a distant galaxy on a daring mission - where a force of life became the power of death! Luke Skywalker was a twenty-year-old who lived and worked on his uncles farm on the remote planet of Tatooine ... and he was bored beyond belief. He yearned for adventures out among the stars�adventures that would take him beyond the fart

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