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The Semitic Languages

The Semitic Languages presents a unique, comprehensive survey of individual languages or language clusters from their origins in antiquity to their present-day forms.The Semitic family occupies a position of great historical and linguistic significance: the spoken and written languages of the Phoenicians, Hebrews and Arabs spread throughout Asia and northern and central Af

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Speak: A Short History of Languages

This book is a history of human speech from prehistory to the present. It charts the rise of some languages and the fall of others, explaining why some survive and others die. It shows how languages change their sounds and meanings, and how the history of languages is closely linked to the history of peoples.Writing in a lively, readable style, distinguished Swedish scho

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The Etymologicon: A Circular Stroll through the Hidden Connections of the English Language

The Sunday Times Number One bestseller - and Radio 4 Book of the Week - in paperback for the first time.What is the actual connection between disgruntled and gruntled? What links church organs to organised crime, California to the Caliphate, or brackets to codpieces?The Etymologicon springs from Mark Forsyths Inky Fool blog on the strange connections between words. Its a


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