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The Full Spectrum: A New Generation of Writing About Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Question

Teens are more aware of sexuality and identity than ever, and they�re looking for answers and insights, as well as a community of others. In order to help create that community, YA authors David Levithan and Billy Merrell have collected original poems, essays, and stories by young adults in their teens and early 20s. The Full Spectrum includes a variety of writers�gay, les

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Escape and Reverse

High school wrestler Jake Persson is living on vitamins and diet Mountain Dew as he fights to make weight at the height of championship season. In the small mining town in northern Minnesotas Iron Range where Jake lives, this is the most exciting thing that has happened in years. During his last meet, Jake confronts his future and the unnerving sense that his own body and

Books in Glbt

Band Fags!

Ever since I first heard that Lionel Richie and Diana Ross song, Endless Love, all Ive wanted is to find The One. Someone to love. Who will love me back. September, 1982. John Cougars Jack and Diane is on endless radio rotation, and Dallas and Dynasty rule the ratings. Jack Paterno is a straight-A student living in the Detroit suburb of Hazel Park, with his own At

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Eat Your Heart Out

A breakneck tale of kick-ass, wise-ass, sexy-ass lesbians and ZOMBIES, Eat Your Heart Out opens on what promises to be another tediously annoying day at Ashbee�s Furniture Outlet. Then the strip-mall calm of Nowhere, Ohio, is shattered by the sudden, simultaneous appearance of Renni Ramirez�hyper-competent star of the beloved Rising Evil B-movie franchise�and actual ZOMBIE