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The 1000 Hells

For centuries, the exotic realm of Asia has defied Kindred incursions. Those few children of caine dwelling in Asia whisper of monstrous cathayans -- shadowy vampires native to the East. For too long, the cathayans have lain like sleeping dragons, allowing the Kindred a facade of omnipotence. Now the new Age is at hand. Yin daggers tremble in the talons of Resplendent cran

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Gods once wielded this kind of power.Now its ours.The forces of the universe respond to our will and we shape a world in our image. We are the celebrities, the heroes, the villains, the legends, the shining icons of our times. We are novas, and we will bring about a new golden Age... and you will like it.Golden age -- or Hell on Earth? To the residents of the Trinity Univ

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Vampire Storytellers Companion(Vampire: the Masquerade)

The Kindred hide amongst humanity, eking out their bloodthirsty unlives behind a veil of deception. Yet certain mysteries are obscured from even the most canny, perceptive vampires. Who else stalks the Final Nights? What powers do they wield? What hidden skills do they command?There Are More of Us Than We KnowThe Vampire Storytellers Companion collects new rules, abilities

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Official Game Guide for PC and Xbox 360

Find Your Path* Detailed maps for every part of the world and every major city, plus special maps for every key section of the main quest.* Specific chapters on how to create your character and maximize your abilities and skills.* Over 300 full-color pages packed with information on everything you need to know about the massive gameworld of Oblivion.* Walkthroughs for ever

Games books

Pump Up Your Rating

Any man in the street knows how to increase his physical strength, but among most chess players confusion reigns when it comes to improving their playing strength. Axel Smiths training methods have guided his friends, teammates and pupils to grandmaster norms and titles. Hard work will be required, but Axel Smith knows how you can Pump Up Your Rating.Every area of chess i

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The Laundry: A Roleplaying Game Based on the Laundry Files Novels

CAPITAL LAUNDRY SERVICES - WHAT NEEDS TO BE CLEANED UP? There are things out there, in the weirder reaches of space-time where reality is an optional extra. Horrible things, usually with tentacles. Al-Hazred glimpsed them, John Dee summoned them, HP Lovecraft wrote about them, and Alan Turing mapped the paths from our universe to theirs. The right calculation can call up e

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Clanbook: Malkavian Revised(Vampire: The Masquerade Clanbooks)

The Circle of ChaosThe childer of Malkav bear two curses: undeath and madness. From emotionless sociopaths to raving lunatics and everything in between, the Malkavians nonetheless command startling insight. Does what they know drive them to madness or does their insanity allow them too peer into a world the rest of us fear to see?The Method of MadnessAs part of the revised


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