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Fatal Circle(Persephone Alcmedi 3)

Destiny sucks. . . .There was a time when Persephone Alcmedi thought her life was hard to manage, what with wondering how to make sure she took adequate care of both her grandmother and her foster daughter, Beverley, whether shed end up in the unwanted position of high priestess of a coven, and whether her werewolf lover, Johnny, would resist the groupies who hang arou

Category: Fantasy

Wild(Wild Series 1-2)

Love can tame the wildest heart�Golden EyesWhen Duncan finds an injured cheetah, questions about how she wound up in his mountains�and going after the poachers pursuing her�can wait. First he brings her home. Then he checks in on his patient, and finds not a cat, but a gorgeous, very naked woman.Aliyah Carter spent the past six months trapped in cheetah form, a prisoner o

Genre: Fantasy

The Wrong Goodbye(The Collector 2)

Meet Sam Thornton, Collector of Souls.Because of his efforts to avert the Apocalypse, Sam Thornton has been given a second chance - provided he can stick to the straight and narrow.Which sounds all well and good, but when the soul Sams sent to collect goes missing, Sam finds himself off the straight-and-narrow pretty quick.File Under:�Urban Fantasy�[ Missing | Soul Provid

Genre: Fantasy

Kalevala: Or, Poems of the Kaleva District

The Kalevala, a Finnish epic on the scale of the Iliad and the Odyssey, presents a rare portrait of an ancient people in both peace and at war. It played a central role in the march towards Finnish independence and inspired some of Sibeliuss greatest works.

Genre: Fantasy


Like her mother before her, Leonie of Bosewood carries Faerie blood in her veins, a secret she harbors to protect her own life. For although the people of eleventh-century England believe in magic, their ignorance and fear have made being different a very dangerous prospect. Caught between the human and Faerie worlds, yet belonging in neither, Leonie must guard her heart�n

Genre: Fantasy

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sausages(J. W. Wells & Co. 7)

Polly is a real estate solicitor. She is also losing her mind. Someone keeps drinking her coffee. And talking to her clients. And doing her job. And when she goes to the dry cleaners to pick up her dress for the party, its not there. Not the dress - the dry cleaners.And then there are the chickens who think they are people. Something strange is definitely going on - and

Fantasy books

WebMage(Webmage 1)

Ravirn is not your average computer geek. A child of the Fates�literally�he�s a hacker extraordinaire who can zero in on the fatal flaw in any program. Now that twenty-first-century magic has gone digital that makes him a very talented sorcerer. But a world of problems is about to be downloaded on Ravirn�who�s just trying to pass his college midterms.Great Aunt Atropos, on

Category: Fantasy

Winters Tale

New York City is subsumed in arctic winds, dark nights, and white lights, its life unfolds, for it is an extraordinary hive of the imagination, the greatest house ever built, and nothing exists that can check its vitality. One night in winter, Peter Lake--orphan and master-mechanic, attempts to rob a fortress-like mansion on the Upper West Side.Though he thinks the house

Genre: Fantasy


Rupetta is a sewn hardback of 352 pages, printed lithographically, with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, and d/w.Four hundred years ago, in a small town in rural France, a young woman creates the future in the shape of Rupetta. Part mechanical, part human, Rupetta�s consciousness is tied to the women who wind her. In the years that follow she is bought and sold, bor

Fantasy books

The Magicians(The Magicians, 1)

A thrilling and original coming-of-age novel about a young man practicing magic in the real worldQuentin Coldwater is brilliant but miserable. A senior in high school, he�s still secretly preoccupied with a series of fantasy novels he read as a child, set in a magical land called Fillory. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself unexpectedly admitted to a very secret, ve

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