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Liberty & Learning: Milton Friedmans Voucher Idea at Fifty

Fifty years ago, Milton Friedman had the ground-breaking idea to improve public education with school vouchers. By separating government financing of education from government administration of schools, Friedman argued, parents at all income levels would have the freedom to choose the schools their children attend. Liberty & Learning is a collection of essays from the

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The Good School: How Smart Parents Get Their Kids the Education They Deserve

Award-winning education journalist Peg Tyre mines up-to-the-minute research to equip parents with the tools and knowledge necessary to get their children the best education possibleWe all know that the quality of education served up to our children in U.S. schools ranges from outstanding to shockingly inadequate. How can parents tell the difference? And how do they make su

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The Fall of the Faculty: The Rise of the All-Administrative University and Why It Matters

In his lacerating The Fall of the Faculty, Mr. Ginsberg argues that universities have degenerated into poorly managed pseudo-corporations controlled by bureaucrats so far removed from research and teaching that they have barely any idea what these activities involve. He attacks virtually everyone from overpaid presidents and provosts down through development officers, c

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Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World

Rethinking Globalization is the best single-volume source for teaching strategies that will help students make sense of an increasingly complicated and scary world. The book alerts readers to the challenges we face--from child labor to sweatshops, from global warming to destruction of the rain forests--and also spotlights the enormous courage and creativity of people worki

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The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education

A passionate plea to preserve and renew public education, The Death and Life of the Great American School System is a radical change of heart from one of America�s best-known education experts.Diane Ravitch�former assistant secretary of education and a leader in the drive to create a national curriculum�examines her career in education reform and repudiates positions that

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Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses

In spite of soaring tuition costs, more and more students go to college every year. A bachelor�s degree is now required for entry into a growing number of professions. And some parents begin planning for the expense of sending their kids to college when they�re born. Almost everyone strives to go, but almost no one asks the fundamental question posed by Academically Adrift

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Formation of Character(Charlotte Masons Original Homeschooling 5)

Formation of Character is the fifth volume of Charlotte Masons Homeschooling series. The chapters stand alone and are valuable to parents of children of all ages. Part I includes case studies of children (and adults) who cured themselves of bad habits. Part II is a series of reflections on subjects including both schooling and vacations (or stay-cations as we now call t

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The Outdoor Life of Children: The Importance of Nature Study and Outside Activities

Book Number Two in the Charlotte Mason Topics series, The Outdoor Life of Children is a compilation of Charlotte Masons writings on the topics of Nature Study, teaching natural philosophy, and the importance of children being out-of-doors. Now all of Charlotte Masons writings on Nature Study and the outdoors (from the original six-volume set) are located in this one, eas

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The Road Out: A Teachers Odyssey in Poor America

Can one teacher truly make a difference in her students lives when everything is working against them? Can a love for literature and learning save the most vulnerable of youth from a life of poverty? The Road Out is a gripping account of one teachers journey of hope and discovery with her students--girls growing up poor in a neighborhood that was once home to white Appal

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Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book Of Homeschooling

Today more than one and a half million children are being taught at home by their own parents. In this expanded edition of the book that helped launch the whole movement, Pat Farenga has distilled John Holts timeless understanding of the ways children come to understand the world and added up-to-the-moment practical advice. Rather than proposing that parents turn their ho

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