Drama books

Where the River Splits

David and Susan Brooks canoe in the Canadian wilderness in an effort to save their marriage. Their canoe capsizes leaving them stranded on opposite sides of the river, believing the other dead. David discovers his wife has survived. Satisfied she is okay, he decides not to reveal himself. As Susan copes with his death, David begins a new life in the Wyoming. But can anyo

Drama books

Stage Directions: Writing on Theatre, 1970-2008

This autobiography covers half a lifetime & the whole range of Frayns theatrical writing, right up to a piece about his latest play, Afterlife. It is also a reflection on his path into theatre - the doubtful beginnings of his childhood, his subsequent scorn as a young man &, surprisingly late in life, his reluctant conversion.

Genre: Drama

Under the Whaleback (Oberon Modern Plays)

Book by Bean, Richard