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A Sportsmans Sketches

On such days all the colours are softened, bright but not glaring; everything is suffused with a kind of touching tenderness. On such days the heat is sometimes very great; often it is even steaming on the slopes of the fields, but a wind dispels this growing sultriness, and whirling eddies of dust--sure sign of settled, fine weather--move along the roads and across the

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Ergenlik Y?llar?m(Childhood, Boyhood, Youth 2)

Ergenlik Y?llar?m(Ilk Genclik, Boyhood)(Cocukluk, Ilk Genclik ve Genclik, 1856).(Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth (1852�1856)Lev Nikolayevic Tolstoy.Engin Yay?nc?l?k / Cocuk Klasikleri DizisiCevirmen: Ahmet EkesISBN : 97537906941. bask? 19911. bask? 1998.120s.

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Instruction Manual for the 21st Century Samurai

Who hasn�t considered, at some point in their life, what it would take to live as a samurai? Whether it was a serious, life-long obsession or a passing, whimsical thought; in either case, there was really no way to know how to go about living life as a samurai. Any book about the samurai, or their codes, was either so strictly historical, or so thickly academic, that it di

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Memoires doutre-tombe, Tome 1: Livres I a XII(Memoires doutre-tombe 1)

Formidable temoin de son temps, spectateur actif dune epoque tourmentee, Chateaubriand traverse le siecle, le fixe et le transfigure dans ces Memoires. Memoires ou fiction�? A bien des moments on hesite, tant il met en scene sa vie comme on ecrit un roman, tant ses incroyables aventures font de lui un veritable personnage, dont reveraient les plus grands romanciers. Des b

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Three Hermits

A bishop and several pilgrims are travelling on a fishing boat. During the voyage, the bishop engages the fishermen in conversation after overhearing them discuss a remote island nearby their course where three old hermits lived a spartan existence focused on seeking salvation for their souls. Several of the fisherman claim to have seen them once. The bishop then informs

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Zvezda Sergeya Esenina yarko vspykhnula na nebosklone russkoj poezii v epokhu sotsialnykh bur i velikikh potryasenij. Slava nastigla ego mgnovenno - srazu posle publikatsii pervykh stikhotvorenij, ot kotorykh poveyalo zapakhom svezheskoshennogo polya. Svetlovolosyj Lel v tsilindre i lakirovannykh shtibletakh neozhidanno dlya sovremennikov stal printsem poetov. No sudba

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Mozart and Salieri: The Little Tragedies

Puskinin Kucuk Tragedyalar?ndan biri olan Mozart ve Salieri, Mozart?n, dehas?n? k?skanan Salieri taraf?ndan zehirlendigi rivayetinden yola c?karken yarat?c?l?g?n dogas?n?n felsefi boyutunu da gozler onune seriyor.

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River of Smoke(Ibis Trilogy 2)

In 1838, the Ibis, carrying a cargo of convicts and labourers, falls victim to a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. Among the survivors are Neel, a pampered raja charged with embezzlement; Paulette, a French orphan masquerading as a deck-hand; and Deeti, a widowed poppy grower fleeing India with her lover. Also caught in the storm is Anahita, owned by the wealthy Parsi merchant

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Nedelja na bazenu u Kigaliju

ROMAN GODINE PO IZBORU La PresseBernar Valkur je novinar. Bio je svedok gladi u Etiopiji. Doziveo je rat u Libanu. Nema niceg novog sto bi mogao da spozna kad je rec o uzasima koje su ljudi sposobni da pocine. Iz ciste dokolice je prihvatio da, pocetkom devedesetih, ode u Ruandu kako bi uspostavio televizijsku stanicu.Ovim izuzetnim delom, bolnim za duh, teskim za nas r

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The first great American novel, albeit one written by a Frenchman. Chateaubriands classic tale of Indian amours was, with Lewis The Monk and Coleridges opium dealer, the inspiration for all Romantic works to follow.

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