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A Silence of Mockingbirds: The Memoir of a Murder

In the era of Nancy Grace, calling for vengeance for the murder of children has become a kind of pornography. But the literary merits of Karly Sheehan: The True Crime Story Behind Karlys Law, by former crime reporter Karen Spears Zacharias, outweigh any prurient interest, and the art with which she carefully reconstructs events leading up to a senseless, painful tragedy i

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Cold Case

Stunning true-life Manhattan noir from a prize-winning author.

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Handsome Brute: The Story of a Ladykiller

Handsome Brute explores the facts of a once-renowned, now little-remembered British murder case, the killings of the charming, but deadly ex-RAF playboy Neville Heath. Since the 1940s, Heath has generally been dismissed as a sadistic sex-killer - the preserve of sensational Murder Anthologies - and little else. But the story behind the tabloid headlines reveals itself to b

Genre: Crime

Hollywood Murders and Scandals: Tinsel Town After Dark, Famous Celebrity Murders, Scandals and Crimes (Murder, Scandals and Mayhem Book 1)

Hollywood Scandals and Murders: Tinsel Town After Dark� is a collection of some of the most famous murders, infamous scandals and Hollywood crimes going right back to the beginnings of Hollywood itself.From Fatty Arbuckle to Charles Manson and Frances Farmer to O.J. Simpson, the stories of celebrity crimes will capture your imagination as they describe the backstories of

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Hells Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

The only authorized, authentic book about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club by founding member, Sonny Barger�featuring a brand new introductionNarrated by the visionary founding member, Hells Angel provides a fascinating all-access pass to the secret world of the notorious Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Sonny Barger recounts the birth of the original Oakland Hells Angels

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Bonnie and Clyde: The Lives Behind the Legend

The flesh-and-blood story of the outlaw lovers who robbed banks and shot their way across Depression-era America, based on extensive archival research, declassified FBI documents, and interviewsThe daring movie revolutionized Hollywood�now the true story of Bonnie and Clyde is told in the lovers� own voices, with verisimilitude and drama to match Truman Capote�s In Cold Bl

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If I Did It: The OJ Simpson Book

In 1994, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were brutally murdered at her home in Brentwood, California. O.J. Simpson was tried for the crime in a case that captured the attention of the American people, but was ultimately found not guilty of criminal charges. The victims families brought a civil case against Simpson, and he was found liable for willfully and wrongfully

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Mean Justice

Besieged by murder, rape, and the most vile conspiracies, the all-American town of Bakersfield, California, found its saviors in a band of bold and savvy prosecutors who stepped in to create one of the toughest anti-crime communities in the nation. There was only one problem: many of those who were arrested, tried, and imprisoned were innocent citizens. In a work as taut a

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Die Enthullung Claudias : die wahre Geschichte einer Mordserie

Ein neuer Bericht des preisgekronten Autors von DIE LEBEN DES BILLYMILLIGAN, DIE FUNFTE SALLY und CHARLYIn einer eisigen Winternacht sterben in einer Luxusvilla in Columbus, Ohio, Mickey McCann, Inhaber von �Mickeys Eldorado Club�, seine Geliebte, ein Go-go-Girl aus dem Club, und seine alte Mutter.Die Opfer wurden aus nachster Nahe mit mehreren Schussen in den Kopf getot

Category: Crime

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