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Conceived Without Sin(Pierced by a Sword 2)

No contemporary writer draws you into the lives of the people who populate his stories the way Bud Macfarlane does. Conceived Without Sin, his long-awaited second novel was showered with positive reviews from thousands of actual readers. It established Macfarlane as a master Catholic storyteller who is not afraid to challenge readers to question basic assumptions about fai

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Called to Life

How do I find fulfillment in life? How do I obtain happiness? Despite a multitude of self-help books in recent years, these eternal questions have become increasingly urgent in today�s directionless world.Author Jacques Philippe provides some answers. In his new book, Called to Life, he explains that a complete and fulfilled life is much more assured wh

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Christs Gifts to Women

With touching artwork from renowned artists, this beautifully written book weaves trials faced in our day with trials faced in Biblical days�and expounds on the timeless power Christ has given women to overcome them. As we strive to draw closer to Christ, He will draw closer to us, magnify our efforts, and fill us with joy and peace. From the gift of mercy to the gifts of

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The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner

Book by Ezra Taft Benson

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Do No Harm

When a British emergency room doctor saves the life a woman who apparently attempted suicide, he is accused of committing a crime and stands trial. Not only is Dr. Matthew Kembles medical practice at risk, but also his liberty. If he is found guilty of trespassing on a womans right to die, he could go to jail.The novel Do No Harm exposes the dangers faced by conscientiou

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Do Not Attempt in Heels: Mission Stories and Advice from Sisters Whove Been There

Whether a sister has already worn a missionary badge or is still planning to wear one, this collection of personal stories from the mission field is sure to inspire and entertain. Feel the elation, exhaustion, humor, frustration, and faith of these dedicated sister missionaries. Share the spirit of the divine work of sister missionaries with Do Not Attempt in Heels.

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When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered

Tens of thousands of women in the U.S. and Canada have laughed, wept, and learned together at Time Out for Women events. Now you can share the spirit of those occasions with these Time Out mini-books. Each contains a favorite presentation designed especially to uplift and teach. When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered offers piercing insights into the Lords dealings with His ch

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The Book of Mormon Made Easier, Part 1 (The Gospel Studies Series)

In our busy world we sometimes find our scripture study isnt always productive. The solution is here with The Book of Mormon Made Easier Series - Parts 1, 2 and 3! Along with the complete text of the Book of Mormon, this valuable study guide includes in-the-verse notes and additional insights and commentary. A perfect study companion!

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Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed by Christ, Not Conformed to the Culture

Popular radio host Teresa Tomeo knows from experience that the self-image of American women is being distorted by pop culture. With its emphasis on youth, physical beauty, and sexuality, the secular media is encouraging women - and girls - to see themselves primarily as sex objects.A former television news reporter, Tomeo pulls together the latest research on social behavi

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The One Thing Is Three: How the Most Holy Trinity Explains Everything

With humor and ease, Father Michael Gaitley, MIC, deftly unlocks the �one thing,� the key to the Church�s wisdom, and the greatest mystery of the Catholic faith: the Most Holy Trinity. Far from being a scholarly or academic read, The �One Thing� is Three makes deep theology accessible to every-day Catholics. What�s more, it makes even what�s familiar or forgotten appear in


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