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Becoming Johnny Vegas

�My name is Michael Pennington, and I am not a comic character. I�m often mistaken for one though. You might know him by another name. Johnny Vegas.�From BBC Dickens adaptations to Benidorm and Ideal to the PG Tips ads, Johnny Vegas has become one of Britains best-loved comic actors.But before hed ever drunk tea with a knitted monkey or made himself the exception that pr

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Life Lessons From Corrie Ten Boom (Hiding Place, In My Fathers House, Tramp for the Lord)

Corrie Ten Boom stood naked with her older sister Betsie, watching a concentration camp matron beating a prisoner.Oh, the poor woman, Corrie cried.Yes. May God forgive her, Betsie replied. And, once again, Corrie realized that it was for the souls of the brutal Nazi guards that her sister prayed.Here is a book aglow with the glory of God and the courage of a quiet Chri

Books in Biography

On the Edge

Richard Hammond is one of our most in-demand and best-loved television presenters. On September 20, 2006, he suffered a serious brain injury following a high-speed car crash, and the nation held its breath. On the Edge is his compelling account of life before and after the accident and an honest description of his year of recovery, full of drama and incident. It is also, p

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Zweig explore lexistence dErasme, les rapports secrets de son physique et de son genie, le combat inegal de lhumanisme serein et pacifiste contre le fanatisme revolutionnaire de Luther.

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Outside Looking In: Adventures of an Observer

A captivating memoir from the incomparable Garry Wills, one of the countrys most distinguished intellectuals (The New York Times Book Review)Illuminating and provocative, Outside Looking In is a compelling chronicle of an original thinker at work in remarkable times. With his dazzling style and journalists eye for detail, Garry Wills brings history to life. Whether wri

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College of One (Neversink)

The moving story of how F. Scott Fitzgerald�washed up, alcoholic and ill�dedicated himself to devising a heartfelt course in literature for the woman he loved.In 1937, on the night of her engagement to the Marquess of Donegall, Sheilah Graham met F. Scott Fitzgerald at a party in Hollywood. Graham, a British-born journalist, broke off her engagement, and until Fitzgerald h

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Roughing It

A series of sidesplitting adventures from the iconic American writer.Originally published over one hundred years ago, Roughing It tells the (almost) true story of Mark Twain�s rollicking adventures across the United States. A hilarious account of how the author tried finding wealth in the rocks of Nevada, it was published before his most famous works and shows why he would

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American Gothic: The Story of Americas Legendary Theatrical Family, Junius, Edwin, and John Wilkes Booth

In the lives of the greatest family of actors in the 19th-century lies a Shakespearean drama of murder, madness, and tragedy. Smith recounts the story of an actor father whose two sons cast themselves as regicides, one on the stage as Hamlet, the other as Lincolns infamous assassin in this captivating mixture of history and biography. Photographs.

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John Paul Jones: Sailor, Hero, Father of the American Navy

John Paul Jones: Sailor, Hero, Father of the American Navyx, 383 pp. John Paul Jones, at sea and in the heat of the battle, was the great American hero of the Age of Sail. He was to history what Patrick OBrians Jack Aubrey and C.S. Foresters Horatio Hornblower are to fiction. Ruthless, indomitable, clever; he vowed to sail, as he put it, in harms way. Evan Thomass

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The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Visions of Glory, 1874-1932(The Last Lion 1)

When Winston Spencer Churchill was born in Blenheim Palace, Imperial Britain stood at the splendid pinnacle of her power. Yet within a few years, the Empire would hover on the brink of a catastrophic new era. This first volume of the best-selling biography of the adventurer, aristocrat, soldier, and statesman covers the first 58 years of the remarkable man whose courageous

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