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Pirates the Midnight Passage

THE MIDNIGHT PASSAGE debuts the chronicles of Jim Thatcher and the intrepid crew of the sloop Adventure. Pirates, puzzles, and peril await the privateer crew as they seek to recover the vast treasure of Morgans Lost Gold from the mysterious Aztec underworld of the Midnight Passage.Betrayal! A treaty is signed, and suddenly the British privateers are named pirates by the

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Treasure Lost

What do you treasure and how far would you go to find it?Peter and Farren are two brothers who think adventure is sneaking into a pub one night for an ale. Little do they know! A dying, bedraggled man hands them a parchment and soon their beloved Nanna is captured, which sets the two youths on a whirlwind trip of betrayal, daggers, self-discovery and a giant reticulated py

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Marie: An Episode in the Life of the Late Allan Quatermain(Allan Quatermain 5)

Allan Quatermain, the hero of King Solomons mines, tells the story of his first wife, Marie Marais, and the adventures that led to her tragic demise.

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Kevins; a normal dysfunctional urban family is invited by a long lost friend to his Peruvian summer mansion. Everything goes on smoothly, until they find out that their host is the biggest drug lord of Peru and his house is attacked by the rival group. No other way out, Kevin steps into Rimachi with his family. Little did they know, they have stepped in the jungle of death

Genre: Adventure

Starlight and Storm

One of the great climbers of all time . . . who has discovered through the medium of mountains the true perspective of living. --Sir John Hunt, author of The Conquest of EverestKnown for his lyrical writing and his ability to convey not only the dangers of mountaineering but the pure exaltation of the climb, Gaston Rebuffat is among the most well-known and revered Alp

Adventure books

The Pirate the Three Cutters

From the legendary adventures of Robinson Crusoe to the tribulations and trials of C.S. Forester�s Horatio Hornblower, the great characters of the sea-faring novel have long been etched into the national consciousness. One of the authors whose work stood on the prow amidst the first breaking waves of this genre was Captain Frederick Marryat. Based largely on personal exper


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