Under the Whaleback (Oberon Modern Plays)

Book by Bean, Richard

The Kingdom of Auschwitz

A short and thoroughly accurate history of the Auschwitz concentration camp, this compelling book is authoritative in its factual details, devastating in its emotional impact.

Het glazen kasteel

Ik zat in een taxi en vroeg me af of de parelketting die ik droeg niet te formeel was voor het feest waar ik naar op weg was, toen ik mijn moeder zag die in een vuilnisbak stond te graaien. Het was een avond in maart en de taxi stond vast in het verkeer. Ik keek toevallig uit het raam en herkende mijn moeder, met vodden om haar schouders tegen de voorjaarskou.Jarenlang

My Best Friends Brother

Hope and Heather have been friends for years.But Heathers two older brothers have always teased and bullied the two, especially Hope.Luckily, Hope manages too avoid them for a couple of years while they are away at college.But when Hope moves closer to her friend, she finds out the two are returning and will have no chance of avoiding them forever.What would happen if yo

Pan Tadeusz

An epic tale of country life among the Polish and Lithuanian gentry in 1811-1812, PAN TADEUSZ by Adam Mickiewicz is perhaps Polands best-known literary work and has been translated into almost every European language. This bilingual edition, with side by side Polish and English, features Kenneth R. Mackenzies celebrated English translation.The plot has the typical elemen

Body Language

In this witty, sensual, poignant tale, New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann explores destiny, deception, and that steamy tipping point between deep friendship and romantic love.Photograher Clint McCade was a rugged free spirit with the perfect life, until he realized something vital was missing--Sandy Kirk. Since grade school, Sandy had been Clints best fr

Sweating Blood

First published in French in 1893, Sweating Blood describes the atrocities of war in 30 tales of horror and inhumanity from the pen of the Pilgrim of the Absolute, Leon Bloy. Writing with blood, sweat, tears and moral outrage, Bloy drew from anecdotes, news reports and his own experiences as a guerilla fighter to compose a fragmented depiction of the 1870 Franco-Prussi

The Viy

A philosophy student is terrorised by a witch as he holds a vigil over the the dead body of a beautiful girl.

Amazing Love

Traveling around the world after her World War II concentration camp experiences, the author sees Gods love in some of the most unlikely places.